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Problems with Images


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I've been trying out your sofware and really like it, except there is a recurring problem with images that makes me have second thoughts about continuing to use the software.

The software seems to intermittently lose track of the images.

  • For example, if I use Add Items Using Images... I go through a dozen or so entries (each with one or maybe two photos), then at the end of it find that all the items have been added, but no images are there. Is there a processing delay? Am I trying to enter too many at a time? Am I going too fast?
  • Also, often when I go to the Add Imge button, various images in the folder fail to show in the preview, and then fail to attach to the entry. Occasionally I can find an image that does show a preview, then go back to the failing one and then it works.
  • Occasionally it seems like all or most of my images have been lost, not visible in the main preview window and not found in the record itself, though the thumbnails are visible and the photos remain in the storage folder.

Occasionally restarting the program seems to help, but not always.

Is there some way to fix this problem or at least somehow avoid it? I'd like to make sure this is something I can live with before investing all the effort to catalog many more items.

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Ok, so you are doing this using the ADD ITEMS USING IMAGES feature and not the regular ADD ITEM dialog, we are going to try to reproduce this here. If it happens for us we should be able to fix in short order.

Are you using the ADD WITH DETAILS button to add additonal info? or just the QUICK ADD button?

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It happens with either method, but may be initiated with the ADD ITEMS USING IMAGES. I'm using Windows 7. The sets of photos are about 20-30. I'm trying to keep it simple by using Quick Add, but I think it has happened both ways. With Quick Add, I've mainly been typing in the Description, but occasionally have been cutting and pasting from an Excel file. I noticed yesterday that after several good entries, one cut and paste Description was longer than there was space. It gave an error beep, but made the entry without a few last letters. I think at that point the images stopped loading in. I can then continue entering with Quick Add, but none of the photos seem to get saved. After I go back to the main view, trying to add by Add Image doesn't work. It seems likely that once an error is encountered, it doesn't resume normal image operations for a while. Perhaps theres some kind of delayed error timeout?

Today I tried again and had about a dozen successful Quick Adds and then started to not take in the photos. Tried adding with Add Image right after exiting the Add by Image, no go. Tried again with Add Image after several minutes and it worked.

Once that was working again I went back to adding using images. Worked for several, but then it randomly stopped adding the images. Was just doing Quick Add. Nothing unusual about the last working or first nonworking entry.

If I go back to the main view and then try to add the image with Add Imge, I go through and select the image and click to enter, but then get a popup box error "LEAD ERROR" with "File not found" in the middle.

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  • 3 months later...

I have been encountering a similar problem. Also using Windows 7.

I am using "Add Items using Images" and can successfully add about a dozen items. Then, without any indication from the program that it is failing, items are being added without images. In some cases all items after a certain point don't have image. In other cases we might have one item with an image and then another item without an image, then one with an image, etc. I can see that the images are missing since the thumbnails are missing in the asset list. Once the program stops saving images it doesn't seem to recover; although I didn't test waiting a bit like DanB did. Once images aren't added via Add Items using Images I also can't add images by editing the item and dragging photos into it.

In every case where the images stop getting added, shutting down the program and restarting it fixed the problem. I could then edit the existing items and add the images,and then continue adding new items which would have images.

I can't be 100% sure of this, but I think that in some cases the images were being added and then "disappeared". I have started to watch the thumbnails as items are being added so I can restart the program when it stops adding images. I wouldn't see a missing image, and then I would have 3 or 4 missing images. I am wondering if I just forgot to look or if they were deleted after I entered new items. I am going to pay more attention to see if this happens again.

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I have checked "Disable desktop composition" on the compatibility tab of the program's properties and this has almost completely eliminated this bug. Whereas before I would have experienced the bug before creating a dozen items, I can now add 20 or more items without problems. I actually only encountered the problem once after adding about 70 items in about 4 sessions. The problem occurred after editing the properties of one of the manufacturers during which I opened several web pages and images in and outside the program. I had also just copied and pasted one of the existing images from tab 2 to tab 3 and cleared tab 2 in anticipation of a new image, something I probably did not do for any of the previous 70 items. I have not confirmed a repeatable sequence which makes the images fail.

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