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If your upgrading to Windows 10 (or already have)


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I upgraded to Windows 10 and when I started the program it was now un-registered..and I tried the key and it said it was in use.


Hi, to avoid this problem you can reactivate your license before upgrading to Windows 10.


From the main menu.

if you have already upgraded to Windows 10, please email us the code you are using and we can deactivate it over the internet.

Once this is done, you will need to re-enter the code the next time you run StampManage. After that, you should have no problems running StampManage on your new Windows 10 environment.

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On ‎2016‎-‎07‎-‎16 at 4:42 PM, Clarence M Ferguson said:

When I try to connect to my program it ask for my product key and when I put it in it says its already in use.

My Key is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I emailed you, your key should work now.  We had to manually deactivate it online.

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If you want we can enter the key from here using Remote Control.  Please verify that you are copying and pasting the code directly from the email and there are no trailing spaces after the end of the code when you enter it.

for remote support, click on the LIVE SUPPORT icon at:



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Guest Dennis James Salyer

I finally got hold to who was a good tech. but my 2009 StampMang, well I can't find it.  It took two hours to download on a Dell #10.  The only thing to come up is if I want to do your trial thing, I do not.  I have looked every where on this computer, it says that I have the latest version of 2009, and the other is if I want to delete it.  This took place Feb. 8th, 2017 at around 4:00 pm.  The tech. helped very patientally , but I'm in my mid 60's and computers are pretty alien to me.  There were some signs at the bottom line on my computer to get hold of you, but the Tech. thing said not on line now, so I guess this is the best way to get you.  My old e-mail was Tele52Blues@Sunflower.com.  You can look up the rest of the things we explored on the date stated. One thing I found was that the program was to old for this model, but my other computer is just a few years old, and up graded to #10 and it still has all the information I put into it and the program. I had a friend try, who's good at computers to install it to my new one and could not do it, but was able to install the older programs to the new computer with ease.  I'm VERY frustrated.  I guess you received this, I clicked submit reply. Shows how little I know.

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Hi, can you come to our


page while you are in front of your new computer.

Click on the


button and someone can remote to your machine.  Please try to make sure you have your old data file STAMPDATA.MDB on the new computer or copied to a USB drive

that is plugged into the new computer.


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I just paid for the 2017 version.  I t worked fine during the trial, but now it claims it does not work on Windows 10.  It does not open at all.  I was never sent a code via email.  Please correct these issues within the next week or refund $54.70 I paid on PayPal. 

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Hi, the program works fine on Windows 10.  You get this error after installing from a CD that was sent?  If so, the code will be on the CD we can send it via email as well.

Can you reply with the exact text of this error message you are getting.  Thanks.

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