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I think the Trieste SCOTT numbers would conflict with the Italy SCOTT numbers, there should be a separate country/stamp issuing entity for Trieste.

any subcategory added under a country cannot have SCOTT numbers that conflict with the parent country. So if Trieste has a stamp variety with scott number 10 it will conflict with the Italy SCOTT number 10.

Italy has ​a numbered folder that contains all the images for the country, if you were to add a sub category under Italy called Trieste, then add an image with the SCOTT number 10, that will conflict with the image for Italy SCOTT number 10.

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I don't believe the more recent versions of the software would have Trieste as a sub category

Do move stamps to another country/subcategory, you can select the stamps you wish to move in the STAMPS tab section of the STAMP DATA MANAGER.

Then "drag" them over to the target country/sub category

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