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Change default table for values


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After having upgraded to CoinManage 2017 I have to keep setting the default value table manually to my own table every time I start CoinManage. Since my areas of collection are not part of the CM defaults, I have my private table with values (named "MyTable2015" when I started using CoinManage. When I open the programme, the values section in "preferences" is always set to 2017. When I set it to MyTable2015 I get the proper values listed. When I open the programme the next time, the Values are set to 2017 again, and no values are displayed (because, of course, there are none).

How can I set the Values to MyTable2015 permanently, so that I don't have to enter it manually every time I use CoinManage?

Thanks for any advice and best regards



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I found this same error back in October of last year. I wanted to set the preference to PCGS values and found that it reverts back to the CM default. I wrote in and got a reply saying it would be looked into. 

Friendly reminder.... this needs to be fixed...


P.S. I'm using CoinManage Deluxe 2017.

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On another note, the last few  updates -- I use custom fields in my tables, Cat #1, User-Defined #1, Set, and Location. I have manually added those columns to the tables on the display, My Collection, Showing Country, Showing Denomination, or Showing Type, through in the Preferences, Tools menu. Every time I update the software all my preferences for the columns are gone -- back to the default. So I have to start over again. And now as  I check (I just ran the update program) I see that all my values for types are gone from the default 2017 table -- values I had added such as Mexican Silver, recent silver quarters or halfs....

Well this is frustrating!! I might as well restore my backup and skip the update. Save me about a day and a half of adding back in my custom features....


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