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All I am asking about grading because each and every one of you grade differently. For example: ANA Coin Grading scale there is only an F-12, Where as the PCGS and NGC have F-12 and F-15. Then you have a CoinManage software that has F-12 and F-16. What is an F-16 grade?

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40 minutes ago, Guest Grades said:

There is no F-16 in the Sheldon Coin Grading Scale. I look it up.

it is a valid grade, but F-15 is much more common.  Here is a breakdown:

Poor P1
Fair F2
About Good AG3
Good G4 - G7
Very Good - About Fine VG8 - VG11
Fine F12 - F14
Fine+ to Good Fine F15 - F19
About Very Fine VF20 - VF24
Very Fine VF25 - VF30
Very Fine + VF31 - VF34
Good Very Fine - About Extremely Fine VF35 - VF39
Extremely Fine EF40 - EF44 Sometimes called 'XF40' not 'EF40'
Extremely Fine + EF45 - EF49 Sometimes called 'XF45' not 'EF45'
Good Extremely Fine AU50 - AU54 The lower American 'About Uncirculated' (AU) grades are allowed to have a little wear so this prevents them being a British AUNC.
Good Extremely Fine + AU55 - AU57
About Uncirculated AU58 - AU59
Uncirculated MS60 - MS62
Select/Choice Uncirculated MS63 - MS64
About Brilliant Uncirculated MS65 - MS66
Brilliant Uncirculated MS67 - MS69 Usually full lustre
FDC MS70 Unobtainable with mass produced coins.
Proof Proof Not a grade of course, but a specially stuck coin using special dies etc. 



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