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HomeManage 2019 Details panel doesn't display all Notebook entries


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  1. Though I've had the software for years, I just noticed that the details panel (on the lower right side of the main interface to HomeManage) does not display all of the line items in the Notebook. I track the details of auto maintenance in the Notebook, as that seems an appropriate use of the notebook. Although I have 34 line items in the Notebook, only the most recent 11 entries show up on the details panel. This is an issue because it is in the details panel that the Notebook entries are readable, not the Notebook entry dialog box. The Notebook entry dialog box, the box where I add line items, is cramped and doesn't allow me to see more than one entry at a time, so the details panel is better for an overview of service to my vehicle.
  2. And unlike the Comments box on the Additional tab of the Item Properties box, pressing the Enter key closes the dialog box instead of inserting a new line. By trial and error I learned that only CTRL+Enter inserts a new line. Is this the intended behavior?
  3. Another issue with the Notebook occurs in the dialog box where entries are added/edited. The description box is extremely limited in the amount of text it will accept, making it difficult or even impossible to capture enough details to describe a fairly typical maintenance event.
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One other thought. Although it may be too late to include this request in the upcoming release, I suggest it would be nice to allow attachments to be added to line items in the notebook. I typically scan my receipts for service and attach them to the main item, but they really belong with each maintenance event instead. After a large number of line items accumulate, sorting out which attachment goes with which line item becomes laborious and error-prone unless you name the attachments in a way to help associate them with the right line item. It would be simpler and easier to just allow associating an attachment with each line item in the notebook.

my 2cents

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