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When moving rooms from Main Residence to another Owner Location, the room title gets "No Owner Location" tagged to the title.  What am I doing wrong?  This happens whether I'm using the actions drop-down command or the drag-and-drop function.  I'm using the 2020 upgrade version. 

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Hi, it is possible to have a "department" or "room" that is generic and does not have a parent location.  When you see the "No owner location" it means you have assigned a generic room or department to the asset.  The main reason we did this is for customers who would perhaps want to assign assets to an "accounting" department for example.  In a situation where the accounting department could span several locations.

If you right mouse click on a location and select "add room" (or "add department" in AssetManage).  The room / dept. will be a child of the location. 

This question appears to be for HomeManage not AssetManage.  

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