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Image Pane display quality downgraded with 2 or more asset pictures

Mark B

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When an asset only has one picture, the summary Image Pane in HomeManage 2019 and 2020 displays a downscaled image of the full-sized image.  This results in the best available image quality.

When an asset has two or more pictures however, the summary Image Pane displays an ENLARGED image of the 150x112 pixel THUMBNAIL, not a downscale of the full-sized image.  This results in a blurry, detail-poor displayed image, since the little thumbnail image is then painfully enlarged back to the user computer's screen resolution.  This seems to be the behavior for HomeManage versions 2019 and 2020, which I have installed/tested.

Best workaround for displaying in the image pane in version 2019 is to delete the thumbnails for this asset (or all of the assets).  The Image Pane then downscales the full-sized image for display in it without any issues.  This is what I've been doing.

HOWEVER, in version 2020, deleting the thumbnail files results with the small thumbnails in the "Image" column no longer being displayed. so this is no longer as good a workaround until a more permanent resolution is provided by our esteemed HomeManage developer team.

My questions and request:

1. Is there a way to address this issue within the capabilities of the program (e.g. am I missing something in my use of HomeManage so that my workaround is not necessary after all?

2. If the enlargement of the thumbnails was a developer decision due to customers not having graphics hardware to easily downscale large images, could the program incorporate a choice on how the display of images could be handled?  Please keep in mind that your program's Item Pictures tab already nicely downscales the full-sized images for all users already, so leveraging that code for the Image Pane would be the best choice for a highly viewable overview.


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