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Items keep reappearing under Disposed Asset

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I have a video showing the problem. It's too large to attach. Here's a download link. (View the download file. Playing it from cloud may be blurry)  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GQj5e4_2Rb0i9KKtfUg5CQVcSPEhAku1/view?usp=sharing

How does an item become a Disposed Asset? I'm not sure why, but some items appear as a Disposed Asset. I can correct an item to put it back under Main Residence but when I exit and restart the program, the item is back under Disposed Asset again. fyi.. in the video you'll see I renamed Department to Room

  1. Notice the first item in the Disposed Asset display. It's a Foot Controlled Dimmer. Note the line item under Disposed Assets shows its Room is Living Room
  2. I open the item. Item properties show both Location and Room fields are blank. (I don't know they became blank but watch what happens when I try to fix it)
  3. I update Location and Room, click OK and the item is moved to Main Residence/Living Room. It's removed from Disposed Assets. All looks OK now.
  4. I exit and restart the program
  5. But now the Foot Dimmer is back in Disposed Asset again. I didn't capture it in the video but when I open the item to see Properties, its Location and Room and blank fields again!


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Hi, an item is placed in the disposed asset folder when any of the sold fields are not NULL.  For example, selling price, sold for, etc.

the reason for this is that a sold item is considered not in your possesion anymore once it is sold.

could this be the issue?  Will take a look at your video as well.



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Gotcha. That makes sense. I was using Date sold and Sold To for other reasons. (A Date and text field were conveniently located next to each other for what I wanted.) I'll change field usage and try again. Thanks. You can mark this one closed.


Speaking of date: did you see my other post. A user define defined date field won't accept a 2 digit month or 2 digit day. was part of the reason i reused something else

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@ComputerGeek I've noted the same issue in a post from a version or two ago of HomeManage. The explanation that I got was that the time/date fields in the application use the System locale date/time formats. But that explanation doesn't explain why I cannot enter 2 digits in either the day or month fields of the date. I have a default install of Windows 10 Pro on my machine and I have not changed the date/time setting. I checked the system locale setting for date, and it is M/d/yyyy. I've created two user-customized date fields to add Item Shipped and Item Received data to the asset record, and the date format used for them should be M/d/yyyy according to Admin. But I cannot enter a 2-digit month or a 2-digit day in either field. However, I have no problem entering a 2-digit month or day in the Date Bought field.

So it seems that HomeManage interprets the M/d/yyyy to mean that only 1 digit can be used for each of the month and day user-customized fields. It's broken and needs to be fixed but I've gotten no traction on that.

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