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Formats - How to Delete predefined list?

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I decided to add user-defined formats to try to standardize them some.  Because I was hoping that they would end up at the bottom of the form, I started them with UD (for user-defined), a period, and then the description.  While I can edit my user-defined formats, I cannot do so with the default ones (see screen shot, the ones circled in green without UD. at the beginning).  I would like to remove them from the format list entirely.  Anyone know how I can go about doing that?

If there is not a way, would that be a possible enhancement?


Screenshot 2023-08-14 014804.png

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  • MissionaryMan64 changed the title to Formats - How to Delete predefined list?


The format list should be generated dynamically each time you run the program.  If for example you edit the stamp(s) that have UD.Strip.05 and make the format blank or select another format, you should no longer see UD.Strip.05 in the list the next time you run the program.  If this is not working for you let me know.


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Thanks for the response.  That's exactly what I thought should happen.  But for me, I have NO entries with the formats in the green box above (they do not show up in the View by FORMAT list, yet they show up in the add/edit stamp entry drop down as shown in the partial screenshot above.

Obviously, something is not working right for me.

Any other ideas?

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Back to this.  The first 2 screenshots are all the formats in my database as shown in View By - Formats.  The next two screen shots are what shows (above and below) my user defined formats.

IF it works as @admin stated (which I know that new ones are added, so it kind of works that way), then the formats not starting with UD in the last two screenshots below should no longer show up.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

Screenshot 2023-10-01 114423.png

Screenshot 2023-10-01 114518.png

Screenshot 2023-10-01 114656.png

Screenshot 2023-10-01 114905.png

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Hi, we also add common formats such as: Cover, album page, etc.. 

Otherwise a new user would see nothing in the formats drop down.

we can add the ability to delete pre-defined formats you don't want to see. Probably for the 2024 edition.

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If the list were alphabetized, it wouldn't matter as much.  Yes, I would love to be able to delete pre-defined formats.  But some of the ones that are showing up in my list are formats that I added in a previous version (FDC-CA, etc.) and not ones from the predefined list.  I would love the ability to delete those, too.  I suppose I could open the MDB in Access and delete them there (though with caution, of course).  Right?

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