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Enlarged display preview stops working after adding new stamp to the collection

Guest Tim

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When I first open the software and browse the "general issue" stamps one by one using the down arrow, the enlarged preview updates correctly to each stamp, but when I "add stamp..." and come back to the "general issue" to browse the stamps again, the enlarged preview no longer updates.  The image that remains is the last stamp I viewed before adding a stamp.

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I have encountered somewhat the same problem.  In my case, it seems to be intermittent - that is, I don't think it occurs every time you add stamps, but when I encounter it, it seems quite persistent.  I have had some luck simply closing the current window and re-opening, but it sometimes takes several tries before StampManage displays the correct stamp.  This is not a solution, but I will back you up on the fact that this condition exists. 

Good luck,

Gerry F


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Guest Guest_Craig

Same issue here for me as well, using 2018 version and running Windows 10.

Small thumbnail images in the upper section are correct, it’s just the larger preview in bottom-right of display.

Any resolution yet?

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