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HomeManage 2020 does not save changes to location or other fields


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Yet another problem with 2020, hopefully someone from support will address this.  When changing the location for an asset and hitting OK, it does not save the new location but reverts back to the original. This is a pretty big issue.

Same issue happens when trying to change dates on an asset, the new dates do not save.

What I'm finding now is that any change you make to an asset does not save, including category, location, dates,etc.  Please fix this major issue.


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On 5/2/2020 at 11:22 AM, navex said:

I'm not seeing these issues occur right now.....but I've just started to use HM2020.  So far, my changes have been getting saved.  I'll watch for the admin answers.

Is 2020 the first version you have used?  I've been using Home Manage since 2006, hopefully it's not an issue with the data being converted into 2020. 

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Guest JWH68

Any change you make to an asset does not save, including category, location, dates,etc.  Please fix this major issue. Been trying to get this addressed ever since I purchased 2020. I was told they did not see an issue. There IS an issue and needs to be addressed.

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Not sure what to tell you guys.  I had an earlier version.....but didn't use it since I hadn't figured out how to transfer QHI data over to HM.  But...I used a 3rd party program to convert data files, then uploaded to HM2020 as one huge file under one location.  I then bought HM2020 (version (20.0.0)...sorted out my locations and have now started to record new purchases. My data gets saved with no issues.  The HM2020 program load instructions were very specific as to what directory the program files needed to be downloaded to (i.e., the program "auto" selection needed to be changed).  Perhaps this is the problem?  In any case......good luck.  I like the program, but I'm now trying to get the bar recorder gun to work 100% fo the time.

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Guest Rcoven

Hey guys, I am having the same problem. I've been a user for as long as I can recall, at least 15 years. Oddly, I updated to the 2020 release in April but did not notice problems until the last week or two. So, from what I can tell, this problem popped up in the last couple weeks. Here are my symptoms.

  1. No field updates are applied. Changes to any existing record do not get updated in the database.
  2. Item Picture(s) Tab BLOWS UP the application.

I have completely removed HomeManage from my computer - all releases. I started with a clean database. Same symptoms pop up. My Theory is that something is happening to a Microsoft library that HomeManage is using. Note that the underlying database is a Microsoft Access Database. I bet that something happened to a MS library related to Access. For whatever reason, HomeManage cannot update records and blows up when I try to show images from the Item Picture(s) tab. I don't even get a chance to add a picture to a new item.

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I haven't had the problem with field changes not being saved, but on my laptop, which now runs Windows 10 1909, the program does crash when I click on the Item Pictures tab of the Item Properties dialog box. It's really odd as there are no error messages, the window doesn't freeze or stutter, it simply disappears. Since it's a Jet database (MS Access), I sometimes have to delete the lock file assets.ldb in the same dir as assets.mdb.

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